Donnybrook Tournament

Donnybrook – an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all.

Join us for Donnybrook 2024!

Heartland HEMA is proud to announce our annual tournament. Come join us in the heart of America as Heartland HEMA hosts Donnybrook, the biggest HEMA event in the Great Plains Region. 



Discounted Rate: $25 Off Standard Rates Below

($25 discount if you agree to line judge or help run a table)

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Standard Rate: 

$135 for 6 events, $130 for 5 events, $125 for 4 events, $115 for 3 events, $100 for 2 events, and $75 for 1 event

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Donnybrook Tournament 2024

Date:     August 16 – 18

     -1200-1500 Og
     -1500-1800 Stout
     -0900-1200 Singlestick
     -1200-1500 Smallsword/ Harness 
     -1500-1800 Rapier
     -0900-1200 Longsword
     1200 Awards


1910 US-40
Blue Springs, MO 64014


  • Singlestick
  • Rapier
  • Smallsword
  • Longsword
  • Open Stout Sword
  • Old Guard Saber (45 years and older)
  • Harnischfechten (Deed of Arms)

Additional Awards

Additional awards are going to be available for fencers to compete for.
Iron Duelist (Best Overall Fencer)
Iron Amazon (Best Overall Woman Competitor)
Hand Sniper (Collective most successful below elbow attacks)
Scholar (This award is to the fencer that fought most technically proficiently regardless of placement in the events. A scholar will be awarded in each individual event and an overall.)
Iron Club (Best overall school performance. The Defending champion is Cymbrogi School of Western Martial lead by Jeremy Pace) 

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